Sweet Valentine

Ever since my camera became an additional limb to my being, I fantasized of having a muse and harbored amusing resentment to my male photographer friends for their opportunity of having a muse when involved in a romantic relationship. In my experience, most men are not so fond of having a camera pointed in their direction. I was starting to come to terms with the fact that my clear sexual orientation meant I would never have a girlfriend and therefore never have a personal 24/7 access muse to photograph, until about a year ago. My great friend and fellow photographer Joe, met sweet and lovely Aja. Of course I was ecstatic for him to have found such a beautiful and amazing woman, but as soon as I saw her impossibly bright blue eyes for the first time, it was love at first sight for me as well. Aja has not only become a dear friend, she is as close to a muse as I will ever have, and I am thankful for both! She recently asked me to do a session to create some “special” photographs for Joe, and these are some from that day.

This is exactly how I want my clients to feel when they are doing a boudoir shoot with me: as if they asked a good friend (who conveniently knows how to handle a camera amazingly well) to take some sexy photos for their man, and feel comfortable and beautiful and just have fun!