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Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

I had the delight of photographing Diana & Adam’s Wedding in New York City earlier this month.
Capturing their beautiful day in this setting {venue – 632 Hudson St.} was utterly inspiring.
The light is different in Autumn, and New York light is vastly different from Southern California weddings, particularly in a three story brownstone…
The colors were rich, and dark and utterly alluring. Feeling exquisitely bewitched as I edit these!


SantaBarbaraWedding1Candid wedding moments by Santa Barbara wedding photographer Linda Arredondo.Candid wedding momentsOne of the many reasons I love photographing weddings is because there are so many candid moments that come and go in an instant. If they were not documented, they would simply disappear into the ether. This particular moment was all about one of the bride’s nieces; she was so enraptured by the whole wedding day. Relishing in the romance of it all as she admired her aunt’s french lace dress, and borrowed her grandma’s “amazing” perfume. It not only reminded me of how magical it is to be a child (more specifically a girly girl, as I was), but also of why I absolutely enjoy what I get to do as a candid wedding photographer.


Click here to view this beautiful Santa Barbara wedding in its entirety.

CHAMPAGNE TASTING I loved this photo from the moment I verified on my camera’s LCD screen that I actually got it! It was one of those quiet moments of photographer’s bliss when you realize you captured something that lasted merely one second, and that you had the fortune of being there with your camera at hand! The expression on their faces was… well… I hope the image just tells its story on its very own.

Oh, and yes! It made it into PDN’s Wedding Photography Issue. More than anything, I was honored and excited to be selected from so many great entries, and amongst such wonderful photographers. Most notably, Jose Villa, of whom many of us photographers in the wedding industry drool over.