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Villa di Geggiano – located on the Tuscan hills of Siena – was given to the Bianchi Bandinelli family as the dowry of Girolama Santi
when she married Girolamo Bandinelli in 1527. Its majestic appearance, including original 18th century furniture and decorations, is layered
with an elegant and rich history, as generations have each decorated and restored the estate over the centuries.

The famous archeologist and art historian Ranuccio Bianchi Bandinelli, made the Villa his main residence from 1930 and wrote about his
‘love for this special place’ with its original furniture in ‘veneziano rustico’ style and its original French wallpaper and fabrics.
The journals above – artistically handwritten in calligraphy – are original school “notebooks” of one of the family’s young ascendants.

Amongst the ancestry of the Bianchi Bandinelli family are Pope Alexander III – depicted on the crest in the master bedroom’s bed (above).

Many of the rooms remain intact from the 18th century, along with photographs and relics from the family’s history. Both the Villa and the
surrounding grounds make for an amazingly romantic and rustic setting for a wedding. I was invited to stay for a few days
to capture what a bride’s stroll through this magical place might look and feel like.

These images were mainly taken in the “Sala Azzurra” (blue room). With so many gorgeous places to shoot, I will continue this series in another blog post!
Meanwhile, check out Villa Di Geggiano on Facebook for the latest happenings, or directly on their website for information on planning an event.
wedding photography in Italy

And so, the second and final series from the shoot I did at Villa Di Geggiano. Just six kilometres north-east of Siena,
its façade looks out onto the enchanting hills of Chianti Classico, a region of Italy world famous for its wines, natural beauty and rich history.This elongated room, facing the landscaped gardens, was designed as a room for the ladies to gather and “gossip” on the elongated bench
that lines the entire wall. It now makes for a stunning room to photograph in, with beautiful light softened by the sheer curtains.
To each side of the open-air theatre, Teatro di Verzura, are niches containing statues of Tragedy and Comedy, by the Maltese sculptor Bosio.
It was here that Vittorio Alfieri, during one of his many stays at the Villa di Geggiano, performed one of his tragedies in the late 18th century.
It is now used for open air concerts in the summer, and of course makes a beautiful outdoor setting for weddings.
 At the main entrance of the Villa, a stunning hallways is covered by original frescoes depicting scenery from Tuscan rural life.
Through one of the gates (below, right)  you’ll find the Pomario, a mixture of flowerbeds and vegetables, which contains a topiary and
a terrace fish pond and has a magnificent view over nearby Siena.

As you can see, the Villa Di Geggiano offers one of the most romantic, idyllic settings for a imaginable for a wedding photographer.
There were not enough hours in the three days of my stay to capture all of the beauty and mystique of this national heritage site.
In addition to the beautiful scenery and interiors seen in this series as well as the first series (see below, or click here), the villa also has
it’s own eighteenth-century chapel, built for the marriage of Anton Domenico Bianchi Bandinelli and Cecilia Chigi Zondadari in 1768.
Villa Di Geggiano works with recognized Italian and foreign wedding planners, and with their extensive experience in wedding
and event planning, it will be a dream wedding venue for those seeking to get married under the tuscan sun.

Wedding Photographer in Italy

For the month of October, I had the opportunity to photograph and discover Italy for a few weeks. As spellbinding as this country is, the finale of my trip was the best delight of all.
Thanks to a dear friend from London, I was put in contact with the wonderful family who owns Villa di Geggiano, in Siena.
Before I knew it, I found myself delighted in being asked to photograph a bridal shoot to feature the beauty of the Villa as an idyllic wedding venue.
Indeed, it would be a dream for any bride & groom to have their wedding day in such a magical setting, filled with history, charm, beauty and elegance.
Here is a small sample from the shoot. More to come as I go through all the little jewels we photographed on that sunny, early autumn day.

Model: Erica Romano