Donna & Richard – An Intimate Soirée

Donna and I met online, not necessarily as a bride searching for a photographer, but as a make-up artist connecting with a photographer. We initially spoke about collaborating on a creative project whenever both of our schedules opened up. Little did we imagine we’d be collaborating on her wedding some months down the road! Her and Richard met shortly after we did, and it wasn’t long before wedding planning went under way. For various practical reasons, an engagement party suddenly evolved into a wedding and celebration. So, Donna found herself creatively coming up with DIY ideas to bring this special evening to life with the little time available. I loved how fresh and cozy the ambience turned out. Shows that it takes only a few details to make your day personal and beautiful. The quick ceremony, and the dinner were both held at a photography studio, and the portraits of the couple were taken swiftly about 20 minutes before the ceremony! I’ll admit, I was proud of how we were able to make great use of our time. A walk around the block had plenty of opportunities to get some playful and vibrant images.

I’d like to thank my photography assistant Molly – a bride whose wedding I captured a couple years ago – who since picked up photography with determination… and I must say, with a natural eye for beauty. I’m excited to nurture this new creative relationship and see where it takes us!