Tuscany Wedding Editorial – Part I

Villa di Geggiano – located on the Tuscan hills of Siena – was given to the Bianchi Bandinelli family as the dowry of Girolama Santi
when she married Girolamo Bandinelli in 1527. Its majestic appearance, including original 18th century furniture and decorations, is layered
with an elegant and rich history, as generations have each decorated and restored the estate over the centuries.

The famous archeologist and art historian Ranuccio Bianchi Bandinelli, made the Villa his main residence from 1930 and wrote about his
‘love for this special place’ with its original furniture in ‘veneziano rustico’ style and its original French wallpaper and fabrics.
The journals above – artistically handwritten in calligraphy – are original school “notebooks” of one of the family’s young ascendants.

Amongst the ancestry of the Bianchi Bandinelli family are Pope Alexander III – depicted on the crest in the master bedroom’s bed (above).

Many of the rooms remain intact from the 18th century, along with photographs and relics from the family’s history. Both the Villa and the
surrounding grounds make for an amazingly romantic and rustic setting for a wedding. I was invited to stay for a few days
to capture what a bride’s stroll through this magical place might look and feel like.

These images were mainly taken in the “Sala Azzurra” (blue room). With so many gorgeous places to shoot, I will continue this series in another blog post!
Meanwhile, check out Villa Di Geggiano on Facebook for the latest happenings, or directly on their website for information on planning an event.
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