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COUPLE Christina Ethier and Luis Anderson, from Brazil and Venezuela respectively, in Toronto, Canada, en route to St. Michael’s Cathedral.

INSPIRATION i wanted to capture the silence of the moment, where the bride was alone with her thoughts before the ceremony. I waited for her to lean forward into the light as she fanned herself in anticipation. It was a sincere glimpse into her experience.

CAPTURING THE MOMENT my principal aim is for the bride and groom to feel so comfortable with me that I become unnoticeable to them. This way they can experience the day without any intrusion, allowing me to capture beautiful, subtle moments like this.

WEDDINGS ABROAD there’s such a great energy and ambience! Everyone is excited to be celebrating two loved ones in a beautiful setting.The closest family members and friends are happy to make the effort to attend, which lends itself to a more intimate conviviality. Being able to capture these glimpses — the essence of the entire day — and giving them back to the bride and groom in the form of something they can hold in their hands indefinitely … that’s amazing to me!