Rena & Em – In a heartbeat

Aside from what speaks from the photos themselves – like the radiance of the bride, the elegance of the bridesmaids, or the groom’s warm gaze at the altar – there is one thing I’ll say for this entry: As much as I love the time devoted to portraits in general, I’ll confidently say that my favorite moments always sneak up on me be surprise. In this case the last photograph seen directly above. An enchanted, sincere grin as the bride walks away with her husband. Nightfall was fast approaching and the light was low, making this photo grainy and not perfectly sharp. That is precisely why it also feels more tactile and genuine to me versus perfectly lit, perfectly exposed, perfectly perfect photographs. BUT, I am admittedly capricious at imes, so I’ll swing to the other side of the pendulum and say that I do love perfectly beautiful photos too! Perfect natural light is something I relentlessly look for when I have my camera in hand. The point is, my three loyal dear friends the day before a wedding are a huge bottle of water, vitamins, and a long deep sleep — The magical mix for staying alert and mindful to be able to listen, feel,see and sense those those heart beats throughout the day, which come and go with the wind so suddenly. How romantic.