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It was a summer’s afternoon with the most beautiful weather. Admittedly, when I first walked into the space at the venue where the bride was getting ready with final details, I was originally taken aback by the fact that the room looked a bit dark, the space a bit cluttered, and let’s just say the decor was peculiar… I love how the first few photographs turned out! The whites and blues, and the soft tone of her skin in the first few photos is gorgeous, if I do say so. All you have to do in 95% of cases where a setting doesn’t initially seem ideal, is move to where the light is ladies; and the bay windows in one part of this room were perfect. And I have yet to find a room who’s decor is busy to the point of making it impossible to find clean and ethereal backdrops. If there is a love-for-finding-the-right-angle, there is a way. I make it my mission to never distract from the bride.

As for the rest of the day… how could you not love all that lush, green scenery, and all of those thoughtful details (many of them DIY, btw) that gave the overall ambience lightness, freshness, and a little bit of a vintage-rustic feel. Then, eclairs and macaroons, and multiple cakes! Oh, and string lights, always love those. All around a spectacular day with a lovely couple.

My very special thank you to Matt Dames for having me second-shoot this wedding. To many more! Cheers *clinking wine glass, against my monitor

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The first time I spoke with Jandilyn and Wilson, we ended up with a long list of ideas as to what we could do for their engagement session. More often than not, the hard part is narrowing possibilities down, instead of struggling to find them. I think what we came up with is a good balance between something playful involving a theme, and something more timeless; the best of two worlds!

It can be easy to get carried away with props, so for the travel theme I felt it was important to keep things subtle, since Union Station (also available for wedding receptions) has a lot to offer on its own. A couple of vintage suitcases –found at one of my favorite antique malls in LA  – a vintage copy of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights (bought at the Rose Bowl Flea Market), and some wardrobe details were enough to enhance the theme, while still allowing us to flow naturally through the space and get a fun series of shots.

After wrapping up at the station, we headed to a very secluded little haven in Griffith Park to avoid the more highly-trafficked areas of the park on a Sunday. Although there are some great more-well-known areas of the park that are beautiful, I tend to prioritize my clients’ comfort. That privacy allows them to be more natural, without having an audience peek in as they kiss and enjoy each other in the moment, which of course is reflected in the photos! I had scouted this nook a couple weeks prior, and knew that the trick was to get there when the light was perfect, making that the priority when planning the timeline of the day. Plus, I love finding the magic in an environment that does not seem blatantly full of beauty! As Aaron Rose put it in such few words: “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.”

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Malibu Wedding

All I can wish for in a wedding is that A) we are in or have access to beautiful natural light, and B) that the bride & groom are enthusiastic and excited about taking photos. There was no lack of either throughout this Malibu wedding. That is of course until the sun went down. Even then, there was enough ambience light to get away with not using a flash, mostly. Plus, I am a fan of a healthy dose of grain in my photos. Above are some of my favorite candid moments. Especially the first photo; How the bridesmaids arranged themselves so neatly, with the mom looking up at the dress at the right moment… I’ll just call it a beautiful coincidence… My favorite. I’d like to thank Matt Dames for inviting me to be the second eye in this lovely wedding, and for letting me explore different perspectives when I shoot with him.

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