Eddie Berman for The Lab Magazine

You know when you hear a song for the first time and try to remember a phrase from the chorus, so you can type it in Google, find it, buy it, and listen to it with glorious satisfaction… I’ll save you the trouble: Eddie Berman.

It was not only a pleasure to go out and take some photos of this humble and humblingly talented musician for The Lab Magazine, but to have a mini live show of my very own, while I quickly set up some lights as he tuned his guitar. I feel it is a rare treat to come across artists who can pull out one instrument and sing with real talent, much less move you with sincere and brilliant lyrics. My two personal favorites from Berman’s EP are “I will Obey” and “Paper Thin”.

As far as describing his music, I’ll leave that to a writer: “With melodic guitar, flailing banjo, and rich harmonica, Eddie Berman’s sound is an aural hot shower to warm your mid-winter frostbitten ears. His storytelling style and vivid imagery transcend time and place. Nostalgic, yet timeless, his upcoming debut EP promises to be a precious Americana gem reminiscent of the folk classics of another generation.” Robie Carins – from the current Issue of THE LAB MAGAZINE.  You can listen to Eddie Berman Music here.

On a related topic, THINGS WE LOVE: The Lab Magazine! From the moment your hands feel the thick luxurious paper, to the moment you open it and see its beautiful content laid out gracefully throughout each page – you’ll be in love. The Lab Magazine is a print & online publication dedicated to art, music, film, photography and fashion. It is in one word, amazing. (Notice that I put four hyperlinks to their site in this post!)