Shannon & Ian – Temecula Valley Winery Wedding

What makes me happy when I arrive at a wedding with my camera? Vineyards, China balls & string lights, white tent… to name a few. Why?

VINEYARDS: self explanatory!

CHINA BALLS & STRING LIGHTS: The lights you choose can turn your wedding site from standard to stunning! Not only can lights create an atmosphere and mood for the reception, they will surely allow your photographer to incorporate them into the images with beautiful results!

WHITE TENT: although common knowledge to photographers, this is a good thing to keep in mind as you plan your special day. As much as we love natural light, once the sun sets or we move indoors for the party, us photogs often end up having to use flash or strobes. Instead of pointing the flash directly at your lovely faces, the option to bounce the flash onto a large white wall will help us in making you look soft and beautiful!

In the end, above anything, a happy bride & groom make for the best photos, no matter what the surrounding environment may be! Shannon & Ian were full of smiles, and by the looks of it their love was contagious; love was in the air in this wine country! Thank you to Matt Dames for allowing me to explore my creativity in this wedding.