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COUPLE Christina Ethier and Luis Anderson, from Brazil and Venezuela respectively, in Toronto, Canada, en route to St. Michael’s Cathedral.

INSPIRATION i wanted to capture the silence of the moment, where the bride was alone with her thoughts before the ceremony. I waited for her to lean forward into the light as she fanned herself in anticipation. It was a sincere glimpse into her experience.

CAPTURING THE MOMENT my principal aim is for the bride and groom to feel so comfortable with me that I become unnoticeable to them. This way they can experience the day without any intrusion, allowing me to capture beautiful, subtle moments like this.

WEDDINGS ABROAD there’s such a great energy and ambience! Everyone is excited to be celebrating two loved ones in a beautiful setting.The closest family members and friends are happy to make the effort to attend, which lends itself to a more intimate conviviality. Being able to capture these glimpses — the essence of the entire day — and giving them back to the bride and groom in the form of something they can hold in their hands indefinitely … that’s amazing to me!



DON’T rely on packages.

Hire your favorite photographer. Whether through phone conversations or meetings in person, be sure you feel good chemistry with the photographer you work with! Not only will it make your interactions more enjoyable, you’ll also have greater control over the quality and style of how these lifelong memories are captured and presented, as opposed to relying on a pre-designed package to make that decision for you.

DO get creative.

You’ve put all of this effort into traveling to a beautiful place for your wedding. Make the most of it by asking your photographer to arrange a creative shoot the day after your wedding. You can take advantage of exotic scenery and unique settings nearby. You’ll have more time without the rush of the wedding itself to come up with one-of-a-kind images of you as newlyweds! It’s probably a good idea to plan for the afternoon; the light beautiful as the sun gets lower, and you’ll probably want to sleep in if your wedding festivities ran late into the night!

DON’T be afraid to negotiate.

Consider asking your photographer for a complimentary shoot of your rehearsal dinner or pre-wedding brunch in return for covering their travel expenses. This is great opportunity for them to get to know the members of your families and guests before the wedding itself. It’s a great advantage for everyone to be familiar and feel comfortable around the photographer.

DO give yourself time.

The last thing you want on your wedding day is to feel rushed. First and foremost, it will take away from your ability to enjoy and relish in all of the moments around you. This is the day that has come after so much planning and energy to make it beautiful and memorable! In addition, you want to give yourself enough time before or after the ceremony to create beautiful portraits of the two of you, as well as with your bridal party and loved ones. And remember, natural light is gorgeous… so be sure to check how long you have before the sun sets!

DO speak your mind.

As with any wedding service, never hesitate to communicate what’s important to you, and be sure to define everything you’ve discussed in writing!

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