A Valentine’s Bouquet

I was going on about my day as usual this past Valentine’s Day, when I received a call that I had a delivery. I jumped out of the shower,
threw on my bathrobe and proceeded outside with soaking wet hair, confused as to what delivery needed my signature. To my
complete surprise, the most beautiful bouquet! It wasn’t just the gorgeous arrangement of so many lovely flowers – perfectly balanced in
color, texture, and any other way a bouquet can be beautiful – but also the details of the presentation. Rustic and elegant with a handmade touch.

At that point I:

1. thanked the sender enthusiastically for such a thoughtful surprise;
2. proceeded to take photos, it’s what I do when I see pretty things;
3.  inquired about the florist so you can contact her for your flowers!

Laurel Kunzel Designs – lkunzel@gmail.com

I have seen more of her work, she makes magic, get in touch ladies! (Her full website coming soon.)